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Stuhlinger Medal for Outstanding Achievement

The Stuhlinger Medal, whose official name is the "Ernst Stuhlinger Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Electric Propulsion", is the highest honor in the field of electric propulsion for spacecraft bestowed by the Electric Rocket Propulsion Society (ERPS), the main professional society in that field, to persons who made outstanding contributions to the science, technology, or development of electric propulsion.

A. Description

The Stuhlinger Medal of Outstanding Achievement in Electric Propulsion is the highest distinction given by the ERPS in recognition of outstanding technical or leadership contributions in Electric Propulsion engineering, science, technology, education, management, information exchange, or influencing programs that have led to important advancement in the field.

B. Administration

ERPS Board of Directors will appoint the Medal Committee Chair, who will be a previous recipient of the Medal and will invite the participation on the Medal Committee of previous Medal recipients.

C. Eligibility

Living individuals who have demonstrated sustained contributions to Electric Propulsion for at least 10 years.

D. Basis for Judgment

1.  Importance of the candidate's technical or leadership contributions (50 points). Technical contributions including conceptual, theoretical, or experimental efforts. Leadership contributions include educational, informational exchanges (e.g., short-courses, conferences) programmatic efforts, and influencing the direction of the community.

2.  Importance of the contributions of teams led by the candidate (30 points)

3.  Quality and significance of publications and patents (10 points)

4.  Technical or leadership distinction over an extended period of time (10 points)

E. Nominee Solicitation

Nominations are requested by the ERPS Board of Directors and are reviewed by the ERPS Medal Committee. The initial call of nominations will be one year before the next IEPC.Due dates of nomination will be set by Chair of the Award committee and distributed by e-mail to ERPS members.